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2012 Sermons

God's gift of love and salvation is freely available to everyone. Love confers a kind of chosenness on the one who is loved, it means that you are seen as unique, that you are recognised as someone who has something to contribute and that you are wanted and belong.

Bill shared his testimony about what God has done in his life during his time of struggle with his health.

In one month's time we will be celebrating Christmas, the first coming of Christ to the Earth, but how often do we think about His second coming? Although we cannot know when He will return we do know that He will return. The question we should ask ourselves is, "Will I be ready for His return?"

"Do you know yourself?" We may think we have an answer to this question but do we really? Do we know what we are capable of depending on the situation. A testimony from the "Hunger Winter" in Holland during WW2 makes us ask that question and we look at what God has to say in response.

We have been invited into God’s house unexpectedly, and we are undeserving of the invitation for we all have sinned and therefore unless we are covered by Jesus our presence will be inappropriate at the “wedding feast” of eternal life. Jesus is like the wedding garment that covers us so that we can freely participate in the feast. How do you know if you have the wedding garment or not?

Does God's Spirit live in you? How would you know? Many Christian believe that the have the Holy Spirit in their lives because they grew up in a Christian home, attend Church every week, have prayed the "Sinner's Prayer" or are living out disciplined lives, and yet one can have all these things and still not have the Holy Spirit in one's life. So how can you know that God's Spirit is within you?

God has not only saved us but has also given us the abiding presence of His Spirit within us in order that we might achieve His purpose, plan and mission on the earth. Do you live with the evidence of His presence and power upon your life?

Do we realise our sin before God? Do we appreciate what the "Forgiveness of Sins" really means for us? How can we come to a place of confession, where we acknowledge our sin before God?

Jesus said that whoever listens to His words and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock while those who do not listen are like the foolish man who built his house on the sand. Although we are familiar with this metaphor there is a lot more we can learn from it if we look deeper into what Jesus meant.

How will we live in Heaven? What will life in the Intermediate Heaven be like as we await the Day of Judgement and our bodily resurection? Can we have an idea of what our new, eternal bodies will be like? All these questions are considered as we wrap up the series on Heaven and Hell.

The above video was played at the end of the sermon.

What is Heaven really like? Can we know or even imagine what eternity with God will be like? We can. Not only does the Bible give us many clues as to what Heaven will be like but also the Earth we live on and the good things around us give us a foretaste of what is to come.


Many Christians are living with double standards. They profess their love for God with words but their hearts are far from Him. We are called to turn away from a life of hypocrisy and to be transformed; to live for God authentically and with integrity in all aspects of our lives.

Hell is a literal place of eternal torment, where there is no hope and no relief from pain and suffering. It truly is a terrible place. But Hell was never meant for us and so God sent His Son to pay for our sins so that we wouldn't be condemned. What we have to do is believe in and accept Jesus into our lives.

It is good for us to respond to God's calling in our lives. However we must be sure that as we serve the Lord we do it His way and not our own. There is a right way of doing things when it comes to God's Kingdom.

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