Service time: Sunday Morning 8:30


2013 Sermons


What makes a perfect gift? We find out as we celebrate the gift that God gave us by sending His Son.

In the beginning man and God walked together in the Garden of Eden but because of their disobedience the fellowship that Adam and Eve had with the Lord was broken. This, however, didn't mean that God had given up on mankind, through the ages He has enacted His plan to restore man to His presence.

The Bible is filled with amazing promises to us from God. Each promise has a message for us, a challenge for us and a blessing for us.

God is the ruler of the nations and He is the one who directs the course of history. Even when His influence isn't obviously stated, like in the book of Esther, we can still see Him at work in the things that happen. So what does that mean for us in South Africa?

If we try to live the Christian life in our own strength, we will land up being drained and defeated. Our journey with the Lord is not one that we are meant to make in our own strength. We have been God called to keep in step with the Spirit of God and He will supernaturally give us the power we need to do the works, to live the life, to overcome the battles, to get over the storms and revel in the victories.

We all have that one room in our house that we won't invite people into, that room where all the mess goes. As we surrender our lives to Jesus we give Him the key to that one room in our life so that He can sort out the mess.

Self-serving, self-centredness and self-absorption all serve to diminish our walk with Jesus and our witness for Him. But serving Him, centring our lives on Him, following Him and learning from Him makes us fully alive in Him.

Sharing the Gospel with those closest to us is not always that easy. It may be a friend, who we have known for years, and the concept of talking about their salvation may seem very awkward. Yet sometimes, we need to step out and take a risk so that we can bring our friend to Christ.

Christ’s victory over the grave and the power of sin was not temporary but everlasting. Nor was His victory for a limited few but for all who believe in Him. What impact does this knowledge have on the way we live out our faith? What does it mean for us to live the resurrection, experiencing the risen Christ in everyday life?

William Shakespeare once said: “All life is a stage.” One moves onto the stage when you are born, enters centre stage once you mature and moves off the stage when you die. While you are centre stage as a Christian, you are busy writing the next chapter of the book of Acts.

Why don't we see more miracles happening today? It's not because God's Spirit isn't at work but rather that we aren't allowing Him the space to work wonders in our lives. God will provide, we just need to trust Him and have faith.

Recording of Graham's ordination as a pastor of New Harvest.

Do you know Jesus, and does He know you? It all comes down to a personal relationship with Jesus. He identifies His true followers based on intimate relationship: when what we say and what we do overflows out of the relationship we have with Him, and we live every part of our lives out of the overflow of what God is doing in our hearts.

Viewing the Church as the place where we learn to dispense grace grants perspective on our dealings with the really difficult characters one will always find in any congregation. The purpose of the Church is to help us to become like Christ in exhibiting grace through love towards one another.

What is the secret to being content? The answer does not lie in money or our situation but rather in finding contentment in Christ Jesus.

Is it coincidence that the Last Supper was celebrated at the beginning of the Passover celebrations? A look at both Passover and Communion reveals some striking similarities and relevance and helps us gain a deeper understanding of why we celebrate Communion as a lasting ordinance.

This is the great divide. Jesus stands ready and waiting to steer us all through this life into the next, but for some there is this eternally tragic absence of faith and for others a lifesaving declaration of faith. For the person who has come to the decision that there is only God, there are some very clear beacons that hold them firmly to that decision.

Judas Iscariot was one of the Twelve close to Jesus, one of the members of Christ's core ministry team. Despite all that he ended up betraying Jesus, why did he do it? Was it purely greed, or was there a deeper reason? The answer will challenge us to be sure of our faith in Jesus.

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