Sunday Services at 9:00am. Come along and join us!

Join our us on our YouTube channel for the Sunday Sermon at 9:00am

We are a Christian community called to become totally committed to Jesus through walking in obedience to His leading; having a loving caring commitment to each other, and a commitment to serving non–members through integrity and compassion. We are a family church which values people above programmes, participation by all, a down-to-earth genuineness and a generous spirit which focuses on the positive development of individuals.

Our vision is to bring people into a living relationship with Jesus. We aim to achieve this by helping people:

Become “Christ followers” by giving their lives to Jesus;

Understand and adopt the lifestyle of a Christian;

Discover why they are here;

Become equipped and trained to do what they were created to do; and

Get launched into actually doing it.

If you’re new to New Harvest or are considering joining us for a service, I hope you’ll find a place where you are warmly welcomed and feel at home.