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Guest Post

by Dave Griffiths

The world is in crises. Never have we experienced problems of this magnitude. Thousands of lives are now being lost on a daily basis across the planet, and even the most brilliant of men have no answers, as coronaviris cannot be seen, felt, or heard, but it’s effect is devastating.

The Bible is God’s Word in written form, and Christians  believe it contains the divine answers to the deepest needs of humanity. It sheds a unique light on our path in a dark world, and it sets forth the way to our eternal being.

God said everything He made was good, very good, so why now a virus that certainly doesn’t “look” good? It might help to go back to basics, to the beginning. There is something refreshing and optimistic about begin, start, commence. Genesis means beginnings and it unfolds the record of the beginning of the world, human history.

It’s the story of God’s purpose and plan for His creation. It reveals the person and nature of God as Creator, Sustainer, Judge and Redeemer. It clearly spells out the consequences of sin, as well as assurance of salvation and forgiveness. A wonderful relationship for each and every one of us.

We are made in God’s image, that is, we are blessed with the characteristics of love, but, it didn’t take long for mankind to create havoc and bring sin into the world.

Genesis tells us that fellowship with God was broken, evil and destruction entered the world. God was not pleased with His creation of man, so eventually a small family led by Noah, the only godly person, was left on the planet. Everything changed. Everything. God went back to a new beginning.

Because God’s great plan includes salvation, there is hope! No matter how dark the world situation seems right now.  God makes promises to help and protect mankind. He promises to love us, accept us, and forgive us.

We, on the other hand, are commanded to believe Him and follow Him, and place our complete faith and trust in Him.

It is apparent, that today things have “gotten worse”. We have polluted the world, created weapons of mass destruction, and forgotten God. He promised not to flood the world again, but, there is no promise not to create a virus!

God our Father, is now waiting for us, in particular our world leaders, to humble themselves and pray. To seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways. Until we do this, He will not forgive our sin and heal our world.




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