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Guest Post


(based on Matt 5 v 3-16)

Humble men are truly blessed
The Kingdom of Heaven is theirs
Those who mourn are also blessed
Cause deep comfort will be theirs

The meek and lowly are fortunate
The whole world belongs to them
Those who seek justice and right
Satisfaction will be known by them

Blessed are the merciful and kind
They shall know great mercy
Blessed are those with hearts refined
God’s face they will surely see

Blessed are those who strive for peace
They’ll be called God’s children
And those persecuted on their knees
Will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven

When you’re slandered and maligned
Be delighted because I live in you
Your heavenly reward is being refined
Ancient prophets were persecuted too

You’re the seasoning of the earth
Which makes it tolerable to “eat”
But if you lose your spicy worth
You will be trampled under feet

You are the world’s light on a hill
Shining in the darkness for all to see
Don’t hide, let it shine strong and still
Let your goodness glow for all to see

O heavenly Father we praise you
Halleluyah.. we praise you

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