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by Luke Kincaid

Are you currently carrying around a burden that is weighing you down? 2020 has been a very challenging year for me personally and was really starting to affect me in quite a few negative ways. Because the state I found myself in became my new normal I didn’t really think much about it and tried to simply push on, put on a smile when I needed to, and continue with what I needed to get done.

But instead of the load getting lighter it just kept getting heavier and heavier until one day I sat down with Cammie and shared what I had been going through. The moment I shared my burden with her it began to feel a little lighter! I didn’t feel as heavy and for the first time in a while felt like there may be a way out of what I was going through. Later that same week I also chatted to Calven and Graham and I began to feel even better knowing that three of the people that I love knew what I was going through and were supporting me through it. What I was now feeling ties in perfectly with what we read in Galatians 6:2.

Carry one another’s burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. 

Got Questions comments on this verse in the following way:

“The word burden here means “a weight of personal and eternal significance.” It can refer to a character flaw, a struggle, or a moral requirement… We can illustrate the idea of bearing one another’s burdens with the picture of a man staggering beneath a heavy load of grain. He must somehow get this grain home to his family, but he is about to crumble beneath its weight. A brother sees his distress and rushes to his aid, lifting a part of the burden and thereby easing the weight of it. Although the supportive one does not assume the whole load, his help allows the struggling one to carry on to his destination.”

The only way in which an unbearable burden will get any lighter is if you share it with someone else. So if you currently find yourself struggling why don’t you reach out to someone whom you love and trust and see if that burden can be made any lighter? If you are currently bearing the weight of any burdens in your life why don’t you pray and ask God to reveal to you someone who may need some help with what they are going through and make yourself available to the lighten the load? May God answer our prayers as we seek to have our burdens lightened while also assisting to lighten the load of others!


Much love,


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  1. Elli Bradley

    This message tonight was absolutely just for Me – thank you Pastor Luke 🙏🙏

  2. Magda Artus

    Oh Luke my heart and prayers go out to you. I feel deeply for you and the other pastors. This year was especially difficult for so many. Going to church seeing others and reaching out to lighten a load or to offload. I think is easier than being isolated at home. It’s not easy on the pastors as they have to carry the weight of congregants too. I am glad you confided in your Christian brothers. Hope your load is lighter now. God bless you and your family. Love Magda

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