On the Road to Emmaus



In 1 Corinthians 15:1-8 Paul states that the resurrection is essential to the Gospel. He makes a point of listing all the eye witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection. After Christ had arisen He appeared to his followers on many occasions before He ascended into Heaven. One gets the sense that each of these encounters or interactions were important. Jesus was putting things in place, tying up loose ends. One such encounter happened on the road to Emmaus.


Sermon by Graham Mol


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The Promise and Power of Jesus’ Resurrection



Let’s go beyond the fact that Jesus came out of the grave and consider why the resurrection actually matters. More than that, what does it mean to us personally? The resurrection of Jesus was the most momentous event in history. By rising from the dead to return to eternal power at the right hand of the Father, Jesus fulfilled a vital part of the plan of God that has paramount importance to the life and future of every human being.


Sermon by Calven Celliers


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Jesus went to the cross with our cries for a Saviour, Hosanna, Osanna, Hoshiya na, ringing in His ears. He would answer those cries for salvation before the week was out when He breathed His last breath and bowed His head saying, “It is finished.” Jesus wasn’t interested in saving Himself. He was interested in saving you.


Sermon by Calven Celliers


Summary 14 April 2019

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Building for Eternity

Our faith, our living relationship with Jesus, is the most valuable thing we have in this life. Regardless of what you place value on a genuine faith in Jesus is the most valuable thing that you will ever possess, if you ever actually possess it. Since it is important that we test the authenticity of what is valuable in this life, it makes sense that we test if our faith in Jesus is genuine. Fortunately for us the Bible has more than one way to test if we have a genuine faith and today we are going to be looking at what Jesus has to say regarding the importance of true, authentic faith and how it will one day be tested to see whether is genuine.


Sermon by Luke Kincaid


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