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Guest Post

by Dave Griffiths

Real to Me

1/ I believe the BIBLE is the Word of God, and that the written instructions are the key to happiness.

2/ Contentment, is the ultimate goal in my life.

3/ I believe in myself, and in doing so, cherish Trust, Dignity, Respect, and Discipline.

4/ I am an ordinary Peculiar human being that needs to be Listened to, Understood, Forgiven, Appreciated, and Loved.

5/ I choose to Laugh, and have fun and enjoy my environment whenever possible.

6/ I am a Male by birth, but a Man by choice. As such, I have a duty to be the head of my home and family.

7/ I will strive towards Excellence in my chosen profession.

8/ I will exercise Integrity both in the workplace with my employer, and at home with my family and friends.

9/ My body is Fearfully and Wonderfully made, therefore it is vital that I should not abuse it, and that I should ensure that it is kept in good condition.

10/ It is an acceptable command for me to Love my neighbour, and to Care and Help in a practical way whenever possible.

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