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by Luke Kincaid

I always enjoy trying new flavors of energy drinks. I am well aware of the negative impact they can have on your body but I often go to one of these caffeine heavy drinks on a day I haven’t had enough sleep the night before. While looking at the artwork on one of the latest flavors I was really invested to find the following saying:

Death before dishonour.

While this saying is quite old and has been adopted by various groups of people, I began to think of what this could mean for a disciple of Jesus.

So, what does it mean to honor God?

“To honour God means to give Him the regard, respect, reverence, admiration, adoration, awe, praise, submission, and obedience which are due to Him. To honour God means to worship Him in all our attitudes, affections, and actions. The essence of what it means to honour God is revealed to us in what Jesus called the first and greatest commandment: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment” (Matthew 22:37-38)” – Compelling Truth.

I am aware that the words, death before dishonour do not appear in God’s word but I think it can be a really powerful motto to live by as God is always worthy of honour. He always deserves to be honoured by us and this is something that will never change. With this in mind, when I find myself purposely wanting to dishonour Him through purposeful disobedience or through worshipping something or someone other than God, I will try to remember and be motivated by these words

Much Love,


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  1. Moses

    Hi my friend I just bought a energy drink which appear this words death before dishonor, Now as I was doing research on what it really means I saw the same drink with same words death before dishonor Monster can, Because am a man of God I even made a mistake of buying it I don’t wanna betray God thanks for sharing the information putting as on a bright side i will share this info with fellow one’s of Christ that too should be alert of this drinks in the powerful name of Jesus Christ Amen😊

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