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by Luke Kincaid

I have struggled a lot with my neck this year. Some time ago I must have slept in a really strange position because when I woke up one morning the muscles in my neck were super tense and since that day I had many head/neck aches. This would mean waking up some mornings with nausea inducing pain that would only subside with some sort of pain killers or an anti-inflammatory. Normally I would be quick to book an appointment with my brother who is a physiotherapist but he had recently immigrated to New Zealand and I really didn’t feel like finding someone new to treat me as I honestly think by brother is the best physio on planet earth!

So you could say that some of my pain was self-inflicted as I wasn’t getting the help I needed until one day I got a WhatsApp from a fellow disciple of Jesus. She said that while she was praying she really felt like God was telling her that I needed to go and see a chiropractor. Not long after receiving this message Cammie had booked an appointment for me with the chiropractor who had treated Seth and a few days later I got my treatment. Since that treatment my neck has been feeling a lot better and I have had way more good days than bad.

I am so grateful for this person’s obedience in sharing this seemingly random nudge from God as I may still be struggling with the same amount of pain if this was not shared with me. And while thinking about this I was reminded of a chapter from a book that I read previously read called “Note to Self” by Joe Thorn called “Listen to Others” based on his reading of Hebrews 3:12 -13. This is an excerpt from that chapter:

“God has put certain people in your life and will lead others across your path to encourage and correct you. The problem is that much of the time you are just not listening. You like to think of yourself as a listener because you so desperately want God to speak into your life and provide wisdom. You think you are ready to move once God provides direction, but you expect God to make this known to you privately – perhaps while you’re reading Scripture or praying – without the involvement of others. What you fail to realize is that one of the primary ways in which God will answer your prayer for wisdom is by speaking to you through other people. While God can reveal himself in dramatic visions and dreams, his common means of providing wisdom and guidance to his people is through his people as they exhort one another in the Word.”

I find it so encouraging that God will speak to us through other disciples of Jesus. This means that we need to be more willing to hear people and then ask for God’s discernment if that is Him speaking through them. But what this also means is that we can play an important role in someone else’s life by being obedient to God speaking though us. So the next time you feel as if God wants to share something through you to someone else don’t just dismiss it but seek God and you never know how that may impact another’s life for the better.


Much love,


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  1. Linda de Wet

    You’re message inspire me. I’m busy reading a book called a Season of Hope by Solly Osrovech. It got Scriptures that I can search up and there are also stories of hope and got different quotes 4 every month.

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