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You would think that with the slower pace of life during the lockdown that you find yourself more at peace, more refreshed. And yet, despite the neighbourhood being quiet, my mind has not been so. There are so many messages, news articles, Christian posts and opinions flying about that I found myself growing weary of it all.

Living in the information age, the skill we have to develop is not so much the acquiring of information but rather to be discerning in what we take in. Not all good things are good for me.

I got to thinking, how do I simplify my thoughts? How do I de-clutter my mind? I recalled the words of that old chorus:

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full, in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace

It’s like when a camera changes the object of its focus, the background becomes blurred and no longer distracts from what is before you. Focusing on Jesus helps us to quiet our minds. He fills our thoughts and we find peace amidst the storm.

I love the way the ISV Bible translates Psalm 62:1-2

My soul rests quietly only when it looks to God;
    from Him comes my deliverance.
He alone is my rock, my deliverance, and my high tower;
    nothing will shake me.

I can understand why Jesus would often draw away on His own, during his time on earth. There must have been a multitude of concerns and responsibilities weighing down upon Him. Yet He was always at peace, for His focus was on the Father.

Psalm 23 declares:

The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
    He makes me lie down in green pastures,
   He leads me beside quiet waters,
    He refreshes my soul…

If you are weary, if your mind is cluttered, if your home is noisy and it’s difficult to find some peace, know that in Him there is rest and refreshment for your soul. Focus on Jesus and let the rest fade into the background.

God Bless


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  1. mandy jamieson

    Thank you Graham so needed that today 🙏

  2. Maxmom

    Thanks so much Graham. Your posts help so much to affirm us at this difficult time. Bless you

  3. Gail

    Just what we need at this chaotic time. Thank you the comforting peaceful words. Calms the soul.

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