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by Luke Kincaid

A few weeks ago I experienced what was one of my favorite moments of being a dad. Seth really wanted to go for a walk but I was feeling quite tired. Eventually we set off up the road, hand in hand, and began our little adventure. We chatted and investigated various parts of the route, and then, out of nowhere, I felt his little arms wrap around my leg and heard him say: “I love you daddy.”

I embraced him and told him that I loved him too and we continued walking around for some time. This moment is so special to me because my little boy wanted to let me know that he loved me and I can’t put down in words what that meant to me.
I have said numerous times in these blogs that God has taught me so much about how I can be relating to Him through my interactions with Seth. The truth is that God the Father loves us, He truly does, and He is never too busy to spend time with us. I could have missed out on this beautiful moment with Seth if I excused away the opportunity to go for a walk with him but God doesn’t do this with us.
At any moment of any day we can call out to our Father and He will be there. So why don’t you take a few moments to sit in God’s presence and ask Him to reveal a sense of his love and acceptance of you, as you respond in telling Him what He means to you and how much you love Him?
Much love,

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