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by John Doyle

“Call unto me and I will answer there and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.” Jeremiah 33:3

It all began in a garden, a luxurious garden abounding with magnificent plants, trees, and flowers. The garden of Eden. Imagine being there and smelling the fragrances of the orchids, roses, and gardenias. Brilliantly colored leaves and blossoms surround you.

Wondeful fruits and vegetables are your nourishment, always ripe and ready to eat, washed by the tumbling waterfall. Sweet birdsong mingles with the golden warmth from the Heavenly Father’s love. Absent of any diseases, destruction, and Covid. No disappointments, this garden was the place of perfection. Paradise, a place our hearts still long for and desire.

This first garden, the dwelling place of God, is one reason gardening speaks so deeply to my heart. I love being outdoors in an open space with the warm glow of sunshine. The sound of the birds, the fresh smell of soil and compost , the beauty of colorful flowers, and the promise of growth that comes from feeding and watering and it all brings me a great joy.

My garden is certainly not the Paradise of Heaven, but it is the special place I meet with my Heavenly Father, and sit on our daughter Kimmies memorial bench and have a precious quiet time with the Lord.

In the Love of the Lord Jesus
John and Barbara

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