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by Graham Mol

The ongoing load shedding this week caused by a  lack of power got me thinking about a different kind of power altogether. You might be familiar with the following words written by the Apostle Paul:

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power, (1 Corinthians 4:20)

To gain a better understanding of what Paul means when he writes this I had a look at the context of the passage. In this part of his letter to the Church in Corinth Paul has stern words to say to those who would not listen to his instructions for them to change their attitudes and behaviour in Christ that were causing issues. Some of their arrogance stemmed from the fact that they didn’t think Paul would actually come visit in person. Paul states that he will indeed come, if it is the Lord’s will, and that he would not come with mere words but in the power of the Spirit, just as he had ministered before (see 1 Corinthians 2:1-5). It was up to the members of the Church to decide if Paul would have to come as disciplinarian or gentle encourager.

The question is, what can we learn from what Paul is saying here? The following commentary provides a great insight:

God’s kingdom is not about talk, Paul declares. It is about power. That’s easy for all of us to forget. So much of our practice of Christianity focuses on words being preached, read, or prayed. All that talk, though, is meaningless without the legitimate power of God behind it (James 2:26). Paul does not want the Corinthians to forget that he did not just introduce them to big ideas that can be captured and manipulated with words. He introduced them to the power of God available only through faith in Christ and the Holy Spirit. (BIBLEREF)

This is such an important reminder. With all the different opinions, ideas and ideologies being thrown around these days it is vital for us to remember that only Jesus has the power to save. Only God has the power to deliver on every promise that He makes. Our faith is not based in mere talk and ideas but in the glory, power and goodness of our Lord. We believe in a Kingdom of transformed lives. Those who were lost and under oppression in the darkness being delivered into the healing light of freedom in Christ.

We believe in a Kingdom of power!


God Bless


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