Scripture teaches that in spite of the many ethnic groups in the world, there is one race that includes them all – the human race. All people share a common origin and therefore are equal in the sight of God. Thus no person is favoured with God’s salvation on account of his race, for all have sinned and are under the judgment of God, but can be saved through accepting the salvation that God, in His grace, offers. Since all are saved on the same basis, there can be no inequality in the church; believers of all races are united in one body. Through this union God intends for the church to be an example to the world.

When accepting salvation, Christians make a statement that they are now new creatures, adopting a new culture – the Kingdom culture. When one becomes a Christian, one submits to the authority of God’s commands, no longer determining one’s behaviour and standards by one’s biological culture, but seeking to obey the Word of God. As citizens of God’s Kingdom, Christians seek to live lives characterized by the fruit of the Spirit.

Since Christianity involves surrendering one’s own life-agenda in favour of fulfilling God’s perfect plans, the preferences, standards and opinions of the old culture will always be subordinated to/superseded by the culture of the Kingdom. We therefore cannot be biased towards any members of our congregation based on race or culture, since in Christ’s eyes we are all equal and inwardly new creations through His grace. Apartheid is a heresy which has done untold damage to this country, and we will suffer the consequences of its impact for years to come. But as a community The New Harvest Christian Fellowship will seek to be an instrument of healing to our nation by modelling a lifestyle freed from the prejudice of racism.