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by Graham Mol

When it comes to Easter there is certainly no shortage of worship songs that focus on the message of the Cross and the Resurrection. This is with good reason too. Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection is the heart of the Gospel message. Countless song writers have been inspired by the depth of Christ’s love, the cost of forgiveness and the power and glory of the resurrection.

In light of this fact I have decided to put together a short playlist (a bit under an hour’s worth) of songs that tell and reflect upon the story of Easter. I pray that as you listen to these songs in the days leading up to Easter, they would help you appreciate the depth of Christ’s love and sacrifice, and the joy and exultation of His victory over death and the grave as He rose.

Beginning with the cries of Hosanna! that welcomed Jesus into the city of Jerusalem, the songs move from Christ’s obedience to the will of God to the passion of His love displayed on the Cross and ends with the upbeat rhythms of joy in declaring “Hallelujah, Jesus is alive!”

You can listen to the playlist on YouTube

Or on Spotify


God Bless


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