The New Harvest Christian Fellowship

Statement of Intent

[A practical interpretation of 1 Corinthians 13:4-11]

Toward you I will exercise patience and I will be kind. I will not be jealous of your talents, nor will I be boastful of mine. Toward you I will not be arrogant or rude, but will honour your dignity as a person. I will not insist on having my own way in everything, but will cherish and accommodate your uniqueness as an individual. I will not be irritable with you or resentful toward you. When others slander you, I will not rejoice in the wrong by relishing and spreading the news, but I will rejoice in the right by thinking about and telling others of the good in you. In fact, I will encourage the good in you and let the rest die of neglect. When it comes to you I will bear all things, I will always believe the good about you, I will always hope the best for you. I will endure anything from you, because in Jesus we belong to each other and I will love you.