Dogged Faith

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Have you, in this dry stretch, stumbled and find yourself struggling to get up again. Does it feel like God is distant or hidden? Are you feeling the toll of this pandemic: physically, mentally, spiritually? We find ourselves asking: How will this affect our children? Will our country recover? Will we ever be able to regain what we have lost?

You’ve been holding onto your faith but man is it getting tough! When is God going to come through? That candle of faith may be sputtering. There doesn’t seem to be any breakthrough.

If you are finding yourself in this place, it is time for dogged faith.

Sermon by Graham Mol

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God Won’t Remove What He Chooses to Use

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Part of growing our faith means that we surrender to God’s divine will for us, and asking Him to use stuff until He chooses to remove stuff from our lives. Our hope in difficult times is not based on positive thinking, wishful thinking or natural optimism. It’s a certainty based on the truth that God is in complete control, and that He loves us. Your life is not the result of random chance, fate or luck.
There is a master plan. God is involved in our lives. He knows the plans He has for us, and everything that happens to us work together, they’re all part of the interdependent process that God uses to for our good and His glory.

Sermon by Calven Celliers

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