Your Will Be Done

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Is there a deeper promise that you and I can hold onto when we pray for His will to be done? Or does it in fact mean presenting God with your needs, wants, desires, hopes, dreams, say ‘Amen’ and then simply throwing up your arms, walking away, and resigning yourself to an uncertain fate?

Sermon by Calven Celliers

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Open Doors: Guest Sermon

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Sermon by Arnold Groenewald from Open Doors

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Doubting Thomas

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After His resurrection Jesus made a number of appearances to His disciples and followers. We can learn much about doubt and belief by looking at the story of Thomas, a disciple of Jesus.

Sermon by Graham Mol

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God’s Faithfulness During a Year of Lockdown

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This past year of lockdown has come with many heartaches and challenges. It has been a difficult time. But that is not the whole story. God has been faithfully at work in people’s lives every single day. We reflect on this fact with testimonies about His goodness and faithfulness during the year of lockdown.

Sermon by Graham Mol

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