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Tony Doyle poem & testimony


Just give me the ‘good life’” I once use to cry,
I measured success by the things I could buy

Material things were my food and my drink
in a futile attempt to find life’s missing link

A sinner’s existence was an everyday scene
with scornful dismissal of Jesus routine

It took me some time and some heartache to see
this ‘good life’s’ not all that it’s cracked up to be


I wasn’t aware of the prayers being said,
I couldn’t care less, save my ego was fed

Then one day I went to the house of the Lord
and was shown by my brother (John) the power of his word

I listened reluctantly, clutching my pride,
not knowing the spirit was moving inside

Then Jesus said “I love you no matter what’s been,
just take up your cross and I’ll wipe the slate clean”

I couldn’t believe He was speaking to me
but I swear to you now it was as clear as could be

Without hesitation I committed my all
and gratefully answered the life changing call


Since that day my old life has sunk without trace
in peaceful contentment I treasure God’s grace

And if there are times when I think of the past
I speak to my Lord and the doubts never last,


It won’t always be easy the cost maybe high
but Jesus’ sacrifice saved you and I

A wonderful legacy, lest we forget,
lets not waste what truly is the greatest gift yet

As my new life begins it’s the end of my search,
I experience great joy when I enter His church.
With Jesus beside me I’ve nothing to fear, brother and sisters the

                                   ‘Good Life’ is here!


Written by Tony Doyle, Baptismal service: 5th January 1992

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  1. John Doyle

    Will never forget that day when my precious brother Tony and family members gave their lives to Jesus, they are now faithfully serving the Lord in England.

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