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Today I have something different for you. Instead of sharing my own thoughts I will be sharing a poem that was sent to me from one of the congregation members.  It is very well written and I was blessed and encouraged as I read it. I pray that you will be too.

God Bless




Unannounced, uninvited and unwanted:
He arrives, like a thief in the night –
To steal one of your most prized possessions –
Your HEALTH, to which you held on so tight.

No matter your colour or culture,
No matter the state of your health –
To him, absolutely nothing matters
Not even the state of your wealth.

It all starts so innocently,
Maybe a cough, or a sneeze –
Plus a fluctuating temperature,
And then, your lungs start to wheeze.

Now starts the frightening process –
First, a visit to the Doctor for you –
Then those dreaded, scary words –
“It’s the Corona virus, not just the ‘flu!”

Isolation in the ICU ward,
With oxygen, tubes and meds:
So many others in the same condition,
But sadly, not enough beds!

God created this magnificent planet
And gave us the privilege to live here.
But now this dreadful Virus
Is just destroying all we hold dear.

So many Families have been split apart
Because of this awful disease.
Which transmits from one person to another
With droplets from a cough or a sneeze.

(BUT……There is HOPE)

I know if we all stand together
And pray for God’s healing hand
He will show us His mighty love
And HEAL our beautiful land.

How wonderful if a cure may be found
To cleanse the Earth from this affliction –
But first we must all have absolute faith
And pray with total conviction.

“Dear God, we beg you on bended knee
Please send us a cure,
That we all might endure –
This is our passionate plea!”

Let’s start by obeying our Country’s rules,
Self-isolate and always wear masks
If you have to go out, Stay a metre away
From others while completing your tasks.

We must have faith that this time will pass
If we pray and obey the laws of the land –
In years to come, we’ll look back amazed –
We saw the work of God’s own hand!

(Thoughts surrounding our present conditions as a result of the Corona Virus.  In self-isolation March/April 2020, I took some time to put my thoughts into words.)

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