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by Caryl Moll

Picture the scene…

I’m standing on an unspoiled tropical beach. Soft sand seeps between my toes. As I look out over the pristine bay, I notice the beautiful islets dotting the scene. Distant soft clouds are slowly turning a dusty pink as I take in the magnificent sunset. It’s all calm. Serene.

In the distance, some fishing boats start to head for home. What is their catch, I wonder. I edge forward and allow the water to gently lap at my toes. I listen quietly to the ambience of evening:  there are sounds of imminent nightfall coming from the trees behind me. A flock of birds have gathered to roost. It’s a gaggle of mirth as they share avian stories. Loud and reaching.  A slight breeze touches my face as I gaze out across the mirrored water. What beauty! What Glory!

As I marvel at the spectacle unfolding around me, I am drawn into the heart of God. What a privilege to experience this peace – perfect peace. And creative love – unbridled love!

However, not everything is as it seems…

Suddenly, there’s an unexpected rush in the water near me. I glance down in fright as a dark shape begins to form. There’s a ripple along the water surface, followed by another.  Within seconds the water surface is bubbling. I stand back in frozen fright.

Then there’s a fast and furious explosion out of the water. The dark, dappled shape leaps up off the surface. It seems suspended in the air. Then it falls back into the water, loudly. I stand gasping and wondering what on earth is happening. But it’s gone as quickly as it arrived.

Curiosity soon gets the better of me and I step closer to scout the water around my feet. What was it? Where is it? Will anyone believe me?

Then I see it – swimming near me. It is “them”, not “it”. Thousands upon thousands of tiny fish are the culprits. While I have been meditating on the beach, they have been hiding silently. I didn’t even notice. For some reason they were prompted to explode out of their hiding places, together, out and above the surface. How had those tiny, fish gathered so fast yet remain unnoticed?

Within minutes the setting around me settles again. I revert back to watching the glorious sunset, soaking in God’s glory. Fully aware that there’s more to what I see.

I will never know what it was that disturbed the little fish. Either way, I was privy to a moment – suspended in time. A lesson well learned. There is much more going on around us that we don’t see. God is constantly working – in places we are often unaware of. I am just a simple child of His, but I am part of His collective people; part of His world and part of His Creation.

I stand amazed….

(Please allow me to thank my daughter, once again, for the incredible holiday she gifted us. Yes, this was Mauritius – one of God’s creative splendours. And what a lesson I learned that day!)

Peter’s own experience with the miraculous catch of fish can be read in John 21.


With love, in Christ


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  1. Wendy

    That was beautiful Caryl. God is the God of the unexpected, yet unchanging.

    1. Caryl

      Thanks so much Wendy

  2. Heike Joubert

    Once again I enjoyed your blog Caryl. Well written. And u describe it so well.

    1. Caryl

      Thank you Heike…and also for your faithful encouragement. God bledd

  3. Dee Easton

    Beautifully written Caryl – I felt as though I wad right there next to you! Thank you.

  4. Caryl

    Thank you, Dee. God bless.

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