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by Caryl Moll

The basin of the internet stands on its pedestal. In it lies the water of the social media. The temperature of the water changes depending on which tap is opened and on which water will flow into this basin.   

On most days it is only the cold tap that is working well – the sad, harsh, cold reality of the secular world we live in. Those who wash their faces in this icy water experience an instant shock. But on other days, a small miracle takes place in the basin. It’s a miracle that possibly can make all the difference to our world.

This miracle – in the form of new warmth- suddenly emerges from the hot tap. It invites bathers to linger longer and feel how their senses are invigorated. At times, it affects their whole body. On these days, they wish the basin is bigger, so that they can submerge themselves totally and forget about the cold of the world for a while.

As you have realised, there are two taps that hover above this basin; one is cold, the other hot. They beg the question: “Which temperature do you prefer?”

The cold tap brings the water of reality. It is untouched – real and harsh – and hasn’t seen any heating device. Those who dip their hands into this water feel no need to stay and ponder. But like all human beings, they are curious.

In response, some see it as a challenge. They put up all their defences and brace themselves to fight the basin. Gritting their teeth, they plunge their hands in adding more cold water to make it hurt. As expected, it is shocking. They justify this action by saying that their experience is true – unblemished. But, it does nothing for their souls and they leave perturbed.

How can this be good?

“Feel it like it really is!” they suggest. “Experiencing the warm water won’t change anything – in the end, all water goes cold anyway. What’s the fuss?” “It’s the way of the world,” they say. “Why cover it up with warmth?” “Reality is reality!”

But, on other days the small miracle is noticeable. 

Deep in the heart of the plumbing, someone lights a fire and hot water starts seeping into the basin. It turns the whole experience into an inviting, interesting oasis. Those who choose to put their hands in this water, feel a new beginning. Is it called “hope”?

Hope? Yes – for something different, something possible, something warm, something positive. Indeed, warm water nurses our souls and comforts us. It invites us to consider how we, too, can make a difference. In my opinion, this water is good.

As many of you know, I choose to interact in social media POSITIVELY. This is not because the world is all positive. If anything, it is because it is not! Neither, is it because I am naïve. I, too, see it like it is. My intention, however, is to write positively in the hope that I will make a small difference to this cold stark basin which we call the Internet.

My hope is that my blogs and interaction will become that warm oasis – a place where readers will find comfort, feel refreshed and ready themselves for a world which is not so warm. I prefer to leave the cold outside my writing. Instead, I resolvedly light my fire and hope that others will follow. And I do understand that others are perfectly capable of extinguishing my fire for a while. It’s the way of the world.

Which tap do you belong to?

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
(Proverbs 16:24 NIV)


With love, in Christ


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  1. Wendy Richardson

    Thank you Caryl I like your analogy. Beautiful, gracious, hopeful words are so good for the soul. The anoiting of the Holy Spirit is like the bubbling up of refreshing water. Social media can’t compare with a living relationship with our Father and the Lord Jesus.

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