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Guest Post

During this lockdown, there is so much media activity, both social and mainstream. One’s emails and cellphones are constantly being bombarded by articles, videos or people’s opinions. Even watching the news can be very frustrating and frightening.

One doesn’t know what to read with all the media overload. Some things are informative and useful, like how to keep yourself safe and steps to take when washing your hands. Some articles and videos are funny and lift the spirits. But other articles are very scary. All the doomsday prophets and conspiracy theorists are having their say. Then everyone dives in on the various media platforms, and either supports or attacks a certain view point. This gives rise to fear, uncertainty and insecurity.

Even Christian messages, which can be very encouraging, can sometimes get very long winded and lose your attention before the conclusion is reached.  This does the very opposite of what it is meant to do. Some Christian’s messages even seem to be at odds with God’s word.

We read in 2 Timothy 1:7 – “For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and love and self-discipline.”

There comes a point where you have to say “enough”! I will decide what I am going to read, watch and listen to. Do not fall into a trap of being swamped by the media. Be selective and wise. Do not be pulled down by the ways of the world. Above all, keep your eyes on Jesus and read from the Bible to discern God’s message for us and pray unceasingly.

Finally brothers, whatever is True, whatever is Noble, whatever is Right, whatever is Pure, whatever is Lovely, whatever is Admirable-if anything is Excellent or Praiseworthy – think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me or seen in me – put it into practice. And the God of Peace will be with you.”  (Philippians 4:8-9)

Change your focus. Make a stand and stand out from the world!


Helen Meintjies

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  1. Maxmom

    Fantastic message! Hear, hear!

  2. Kay

    Thanks Helen. Your comments just so true.
    Your article very helpful .
    The verse from Thimothy is very good. Words to hang onto.
    Take care.

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