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by Calven Celliers

Spring is without a doubt my favourite time of the year, and I have so enjoyed focusing on little lessons out of the garden for my blog posts this month. As I wonder around the garden, one of my all-time favourite shrubs is the “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” (Brunfelsia pauciflora). This magnificent addition to any garden, especially at this time of year, has a mass of sweet-scented flowers that change colour day by day. They begin as purple, fading to pale lavender, and then to white.

You’ve no doubt heard it said that ‘the only constant is change’, that everything flows and nothing stands still. Seasons change. People age. Civilizations rise and fall. Is there anything truly consistent? Is there any firm truth we can hold on to in a world that is always shifting? Many, if not all of us, are facing a lot of uncertainty right now, and as I stood before the “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” shrub, admiring the wonder before me, inhaling its pleasing aroma, I was once again reminded of the wonderful truth that is ours as God’s children. Yes! God is constant; constant in an ever-changing world.  He Himself tells us that He does not change:

I the Lord do not change…” (Malachi 3:6NIV)

God will always do what He says He will do. Time does not affect God. He is still the same holy, amazing, kind God He was when He created the world. No matter how uncertain your life looks right now, you can trust in God’s constant love and faithfulness. He has always been here and what’s more He always will be! At a time in world history where nothing seems the same and many of us are contemplating if anything will ever be the same again, I want for us to be reminded of the following verse, because it shows the immutability of Christ!

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8NLT)

In the original text the word used for “same” means that Jesus is unchangeable! What good news this is in a world where things are changing at lightning speed. Jesus is the one Person we can depend on. We don’t need to refigure who Jesus is, what He thinks, or what His message is, because He is the same — and everything He represents is the same — yesterday, today, and forever!

I don’t know about you, but I am so thankful that with all the sweeping changes happening in the world right now, Jesus isn’t one of them! Whoever He was in the past is who He is in the present and who He will be forever!

In light of this wonderful truth, I want to encourage you to dig deep into the Word — particularly the four gospels where Jesus is so vividly portrayed. What Jesus said and did in the four gospels is exactly what He is saying and doing now, and the reality is that if you come to know the Jesus on those pages, you will come to know and experience the Jesus of today, because He is exactly, identically, and precisely the same! Be blessed as you meditate on this amazing truth!




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  1. Magda Artus

    Oh Calven I so enjoy all the blogs where you use plants to illustrate messages from the bible. I can relate to it as I also always marvel at Gods beautiful creations. There is so much to be learned in nature about God our creator.
    Omnipresent Everlasting Eternal God

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