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by Caryl Moll

The low water bridge, just outside the SKUKUZA rest camp, is always on my wish list when visiting the beautiful KRUGER NATION PARK. Hubby knows, that we just have to stop there – even if its just for a moment – in the hope of spotting one of my all-time favourite birds.  I’ll grab my binoculars and scan the reeds for any sign of these little feathered-friends. For me, it is an incredible reminder of what kind of relationship we are offered by our wonderful Lord.

The African jacana (Actophilornis africanus) with its beautiful colouring, long toes and long claws is one of Africa’s amazing birds that seemingly ‘walks on water’. If you are lucky, you may get a glimpse of them pattering across the shiny water-lilies in search of various insects. No wonder some call this bird the ‘JESUS BIRD’ because of their incredible agility across the ponds. They’re simply enthralling.

The most interesting fact, however, about this bird is that, once the chicks hatch, the male takes on full parental responsibility.  In this aquatic bird’s life, ‘Daddy does it all! He is their guide.  He nurtures and teaches them how to search for food and how to survive the challenging habitat.

African Jacanas have a water-bird-type screech that alerts the chicks to potential danger. The little ones immediately run to their father, who simply opens his wings, gathers them up and runs. They escape with him simply carrying them across the lilies to a safer spot. There they emerge from his wings and continue with their little activities.

So, although this blogpost is short, I’m hoping that this image will really stick with you – it’s one of the Father, carrying his children away from any danger….just like our Lord does for us!

Psalm 91:4

“..He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge…”

Thank you Lord, for caring and providing for us. Thank you for Your promises that we hold onto. Thank you for carrying us when times get tough. Help us to trust in Your wisdom and plan.  Amen.”

Yours, in Christ


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  1. PK

    Absolutely amazing, especially if you, like me, did not know of such a bird. Reminds me of the song,
    Hide me now
    Under your wings
    Thanks Caryl

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