Love is essential. We should desire the gifts of the Spirit and we should totally surrender our lives and give our all but without love they are meaningless. We need to love… but what is love?
The reality is that the definition of love is very broad because it means different things in different situations. But in 1 Corinthians 13 Paul lays down some key tests for us to see if we are acting/living in love. Sometimes love doesn’t look the way we’d expect but it is always patient and kind. It is humble, generous, peaceable and forgiving. It is just, enduring, encouraging, hopeful and strong.


Sermon by Graham Mol


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Only by Grace Can We Stand


Suppose you were to die tonight and stand before God, and He asked you why He should allow you into heaven? What would you say? If you’ve been deceived into thinking that you can trust in your own righteousness to secure your eternity, or you’ve got a mixture of grace aided your own contribution thing going on, turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and let your hope of an eternity spent with Him, rest in Him, and Him alone. We are saved by grace; the work is God’s, not ours.


Sermon by Calven Celliers


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Beautiful Feet


Do you have beautiful feet?

Are you going out and sharing the wonderful message of God’s salvation?

Are you, through your words and your actions proclaiming, preaching, the Good News?

Sermon by Graham Mol


A presentation and testimony from the Gideons Ministry is included in this recording.


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Psalm 133 gives us a beautiful picture of what unity should be like in the community of believers. This short message was given as part of our 19th Birthday Celebration service.


Sermon by Calven Celliers

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