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Guest Post


16 I have complete confidence in the gospel; it is God’s power to save all who believe, first the Jews and also the Gentiles. (Romans 1:16 GNB)

It is in these dark days, when all seems to be falling apart, and we can so easily become discouraged, that we need to place our trust and faith in the Lord. Jesus said He will never leave or forsake us. He is in control, even if we can’t see how.

The great apostle Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit tells us to have complete confidence in the Gospel, because it is the power of God to save all who believe. For the Gospel tells us how God puts us right with Himself. It is by faith, from beginning to the end.

Complete confidence, means just that, no further confidence needed. Confidence that when we believe in Jesus, and place our total faith and trust in Him, we need not be concerned about what is taking place in the world today, corona virus included.

We use our God given common sense and stay safe, stay healthy, be careful and keep smiling. God loves you with an everlasting love. We are safe in His hands.
Humble yourself, pray for forgiveness of your sins, pray for His presence in your life daily. Pray for all your neighbours. Then, whatever happens, we will see Him face to face, and everything will be wonderful.

Dave Griffiths

Sharing our Faith

We were reminded by Luke on Pentecost Sunday about sharing our faith with others, and the power we receive through God’s Holy Spirit when we in turn share our Faith story with someone.

It reminded me of one of the Bushmen stories during one of my visits to New Xade in the Central Kalahari in Botswana. An encounter with a blind Bushman name Chatteque. It also is amazing how he believed and hung on to his Faith when he encountered God’s Holy Spirit and how he shared his faith.

Faith is a challenge to live expectantly and to embrace the unknown… to travel a road with no address.

Ephesians 1:11-12 MSG
[11-12] It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone.

The story of a blind Bushman man called Chatteque.

On one of our visits we were taken out by one of our guides to some distant tree some 2 km’s out of New Xade, like many of our visits turned out to be. Here we were met by an old man and woman, the man being blind. His name on introduction is Chatteque and he is very excited to have visitors. He tells us of his experiences and his blindness which was caused by a “rinkhals” snake spitting in his eyes. We encountered a few blind people, some with the same condition but most having cataract problems.

Old Chatteque answered my question on “where do the animals come from?” and he answered in the same way as all the others whom I asked this question — there is a provider. This revelation made us aware that God’s spirit is present in each of his creation, we as individuals may not necessarily be aware of it.

As we continued our translated discussion from English to Tswana to Gikwe (his language) and vice versa, we told him about God and that we talk to this God. Now we have a very excited Bushman, he wants to know how, and he cannot keep still. We mention that we call it prayer and that we have a conversation of thanks, requests and praise with God.

I then said to him that he could do so also and give thanks to God for everything he has received like the animals, the roots he has eaten and the plants. The old man starts crying, and then singing, talking and laughing as he prays to God. We are in awe of the spiritual experience. When we walk away later on we are all quiet, realizing we were in a deep God experience between God and this old man. Later on, we all voice our experience.

We document all our meetings with these people and with some note of our visit’s content and what was related. A year later we are back at New-Xade. I inquire about old Chatteque to be told he is here at the edge of town. We hurry to go and see him, and I relate our experience with Chatteque to some new friends who are on this trip.

I am some 15 meters from Chatteque when he hears and recognizes my voice. I am flabbergasted. With him is another old blind man, a friend. So, we have some excited conversation and catch-up. On introduction to his friend he now tells me that his friend now also prays and talks to God. We have no words to explain our feelings except this deep knowledge of how God communicates in His own way. It leaves me with an indelible knowledge, experience and understanding of some of the mysteries of God.

I have related this story several times, sometimes to others who have doubts. Experiences like this speaks louder that our own inadequacy. Each step a deeper walk in Faith with God for me.



Herman Groenewald

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