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Guest Post

by Caryl Moll

Every afternoon I grant myself some “me-time”. It’s usually on my bed, with a book in hand. Without fail, I am witness to a pretty little visitor at my window.  It’s one of a pair of Cape Glossy Starlings that live in the neighbourhood. Its iridescent blue feathers shimmer in the sunlight as it hops up and down the window sill – seemingly peeking in at me through the glass.  For a while, I relished the warm, fuzzy feeling; imagining that the bird was actually visiting ME.

Then, ever so often, my feathered friend would pause, look into the pane and peck loudly at the glass. At times it would be very aggressive too. The bang could be heard throughout our house. Its ever increasing and tenacious banging at the pane made me worry that it might break the glass.  Sometimes the bird edged towards the open window and I’d ponder what I’d do if it actually managed to come inside my room.

It took a few afternoon visits before I realised that this exquisitely beautiful bird, with its bright yellow eyes, wasn’t actually visiting ME at all. Indeed, the pair were setting up home in the old sisal log attached to one of the trees in my garden.  It was, in reality, seeing its own reflection in the glass pane and was displaying aggressive, territorial behaviour true to its species. The Starling was systematically attacking the imaginary bird who was “invading its territory”. Silly bird! Imagine trying to chase yourself away!

But this series of events got me thinking about how much we, as human beings, are so similar to these birds. How often do we fight with ourselves – attacking imaginary enemies – when the world, in reality, is nothing like we imagine. How often do we stand at Christ’s door asking to come in but not really wanting to? Are we just pecking at a glass pane?

Let’s look at some Scripture verses:

13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13

7“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
Matthew 7:7

So my question is: When we knock on Christ’s door, are we REALLY wanting to enter into the new life that He promises? Is our heart REALLY in it? Or are we hopping along the fringes of the entrance pretending to be victorious? Are we presenting as pretty (but very defensive) Starlings or are we true children of God?

Me? I’ve chosen to enter His door.



Dear reader,

I pray that the Lord will shine his light on your beautiful, God-given wings; that you will enter His door and that you will fly victoriously to reflect His glory to those around you.

With love, in Christ


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