Created for Good Works

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Many people say: “I don’t know what God’s plan is for my life.” Maybe you have found yourself saying those words.  This sermon’s goal is to remind all of us what our common purpose is, how we are supposed to go about achieving it, as well as looking at how we can stand firm in this purpose even when life’s trials seem to be overwhelming and in opposition to what God has planned for us.

Sermon by Luke Kincaid

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Vision 2021: Real to Me

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Life changing, heart changing, radical transformation occurs as a result of a personal encounter with Christ. And it’s in the Gospel of John 4 that we are introduced to an anonymous Samaritan woman, whose entire life is about to be transformed by her one-on-one encounter with Jesus at Jacob’s Well in Sychar.

Sermon by Calven Celliers

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Spiritual Formation

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Spiritual formation is a vital aspect of our lives as Christians as we day by day, through the inner transformation of our heart, become more and more like Christ.

Sermon by Graham Mol

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