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by Caryl Moll

I drift outside to the sanctuary of our garden. My mind is disturbed with the news of the day….and it’s all horrible! Yes, people are dying, there’s illness, suffering, fear, poverty, political power struggles, indecision, international elections, murder, crime… the list is endless. And the prayer requests are endless too. Our world is a mess…and we are home-shackled with a virus raging around us. It’s hard to see God in all this.

But I need to breathe in God… In this moment, I need Him. And the birds, the wind, the skies, nature.

I hunch down on the lounger next to our pool and with my chin cupped in my hands and stare at the rippled water.

“Why God?” I ask. “Why do you allow this to happen? Also, how am I supposed to write an inspirational blogpost when your world is falling apart? If I’m honest, Lord, I’m a little disappointed in you.” I lament. Then I continue…

“Please speak to me, Lord? What do I write?”

And then I ‘hear’ His gentle whisper:

“Look around you, my child, and learn.”

“But how, Lord? I am imprisoned in my own home,” I argue. “I don’t see my friends, or my family. We don’t even go to church. How am I supposed to look around, Lord?”

“Just look.” Is the answer I get.

In my meditation, I stare at the water. I see the distorted reflections. I note that the sky and the silhouettes of the trees are also totally obscured by the pool’s fountain.

“Yes, look…” I ‘hear’ His encouragement. “Don’t you think I’ve been distorted too…?”

At that moment, my thoughts come together clearly. I know what to write and what to share with you today. It’s short and simple:

(Note: this image is actually upside down)


So my message today, dear reader, is short:

We should not allow the world’s chaos to distort the beautiful, limited reflection of our Lord. Let’s rejoice in His glory and embrace the hope that we have in Him.

“Thank you, Lord!”


With love, in Christ,


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