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by Graham Mol

Today something brought to mind an inscription that had caught my eye during a tour to Israel that we did with a group from the Church in 2013. Here is a photo of it:

Fragment of the mosaic floor in the atrium of the crypt after the church’s reconstruction in the 7th-cent. The Greek inscription, from Psalm 121, reads: “May the lord guard your coming in and your going out.”


“May the Lord guard your coming in and going out.” This phrase refers to Psalm 121:8

The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in
From this time and forever” (NASB)

I remember thinking at the time, what a wonderful blessing! Today I feel that I have an even deeper appreciation. These words were a prayer over our family during the hard lockdown last year, when leaving the house to go out to the shops felt like an expedition into the unknown. We were all so mindful of the risk of leaving the safe isolation of home to go out among others, potentially exposing ourselves to catching the dreaded coronavirus while we shopped for essential supplies.

As we’ve come through the first and second wave, and restrictions have loosened up, life has settled into a sense of normal where we go out without too much apprehension anymore. We forget what it was like at the worst times last year. Pausing to reflect, as I consider the words of Psalm 121:8, I am grateful that the Lord did guard our coming in and going out. We were shielded from the dreaded infection.

As the potential “third wave” looms, I can be at peace as I trust the Lord for continuing to keep watch over us as a family.

And so, I say to you, dear reader,

“May the Lord guard your coming in and going out.”


God Bless



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  1. John Doyle

    So blessed Ps. Graham. Thank you for sharing this word.

    1. Graham

      Thank you John! Always appreciate your encouragement.

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